Improving the quality of life of patients with autism

Miriam Gimal BTCA Founder

Miriam Gimal, BTCA Founder, shares with us why it’s important to follow an integrative view when it comes to autism.

What is it?

The BTCA experience is an integrative program that includes the necessary components to improve the quality of life of our patients and their families.

How does it work?

In addition to MeRT therapy, we put at your disposal different specialists that can help with your child’s gut, nutrition, and overall health, in order to treat them in an integrative manner.

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I heard about BTC from my brother, and we immediately made inquiries to be able to come and perform therapies for my son. Andres had always been a child who did not have much visual contact, so witnessing the process of his evolution had a great impact on me. I am very happy with my son’s results in such a short time. In the month that we have been coming to therapy, Andrés has improved a lot and I am so happy and thankful for that. I know that he will continue to advance because BTC has given us the tools to move forward.

Andres's mother


BTCA for Autism

We put at your disposal a multidisciplinary team of specialists that integrate diverse visions, protocols and treatments to accomplish advances in patients with autism. Additionally, we provide emotional support for the families of our patients. 


We focus on improving the quality of life of our patients with autism or other neurodevelopmental alterations. We offer the MeRT treatment to restore cerebral functioning and in turn, improve the brain’s cognitive functions.


Recent studies demonstrate the explicit connection between the gut and the brain. We refer our patients to medical specialists capable of treating alterations at the intestinal level, providing adequate and personalized treatment to patients with autism. 


Autism can affect the entire family, not just the child who has it. We provide emotional support to families of patients with autism who could be suffering from depression, fear, and anxiety in the face of an unexpected diagnosis.

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We are the only center that provides MeRT therapy in Miami, Panama and Argentina. Additionally, we have a professional medical team that addresses autism in a comprehensive manner, with a special emphasis on intestinal health.

Several studies show the importance of the close relationship between the intestine and the brain, and it is likely that an inflamed intestine will result in an inflamed brain. At BTCA, we recommend addressing the gut first to receive better results with the MeRT treatment.

Appointments with our doctors and specialists can be made via Zoom. However, it is necessary to visit one of our centers (Panama, Miami, and soon Argentina) to apply the MeRT treatment, a fundamental tool in our approach to autism.

Yes, MeRT therapy is compatible with any other conventional treatment. We recommend working with a medical team of specialists to comprehensively address autism and optimize the results of the MeRT protocol. If you require any references, we can put you in contact with authorized professionals.

At BTCA we use q-EEG to measure the patient’s progress. Additionally, our specialized medical team carefully monitors the clinical history of the patient to identify progress.

Although we have seen positive changes in 80% of our patients, we cannot guarantee favorable results because each patient is different. Our commitment lies in addressing autism in an integrative manner, allowing us to increase the chances of improvement with MeRT.

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