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Our Approach

We have specialized areas and equipment available

Our MeRT treatment helps restore brain function and improve cognitive functions in patients with autism or other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Recent studies demonstrate the explicit connection between the gut and the brain. We refer our patients to medical specialists capable of treating alterations at an intestinal level.

Autism affects the entire family. We provide emotional support to families of patients with autism that find themselves in the face of an unexpected diagnosis.

Through different types of therapies, we stimulate the capacities of our patients, promoting their autonomy, independence and cognition according to their needs, all while improving their quality of life.

Restore & optimize your brain’s communication with MeRT

Non-invasive therapy for autism, PTSD, depression and anxiety

Why MeRT?

MeRT is an innovative treatment that uses repetitive and individualized transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) technology based on the brain waves of each patient.

The process begins with a quantitative Electroencephalogram (q-EEG) that allows the study of the brain’s activity and functioning pattern. The results are then used to create a personalized treatment protocol that aims to incentivize healthy brain communication.