Our Families Share Their Stories With MeRT℠

Juan Angel’s mother

We came to the trial week knowing we had nothing to lose. I have tried everything and decided to give it a chance. It is a process that requires much patience and love. In the week…Continue reading

Henry’s Parents

We arrived at BTC with a lot of uncertainty, but we ended up meeting our second family. We found professionals with a vocation who provide love and affection and are always willing to help us. If you give…Continue reading

Rafael’s Parents

We know it’s a long way to go and that we have just started, but the tools that BTC provides us are undoubtedly the best thing, because without them…Continue reading

Julian’s Mother

Julian was a very happy baby. We had no family history of autism. He went from being a very smiley, happy baby to just an absent baby. He was no longer interested in playing with us or interacting with the….Continue reading

Gabriel’s Mother

Before BTC, I’ve been trying many things and redoing anything possible. I’ve been a great advocate for my child. But it looked like I had just a body in our house. It was a little frustrating. So I’ve bContinue reading